• <tc>Inspiration: wood</tc>

  • <tc>Salvador Dalí</tc>

  • Manifesto

    Surge una aventura estética en la que los objetos, todo tipo de objetos artesanales y vintage, y la alquimia de los olores y colores se fusionan en una propuesta capaz de mezclar el refinamiento del pasado con la audacia del futuro.

<tc>Flowers by inés Urquijo x Isita</tc>

In Pomona, her orchard of free, rare and wild flowers, Inés Urquijo creates her poetic floral arrangements.

<tc>Los Vasos de Agua Clara x Isita</tc>


With their brushes and a special nose for color and details, they began to decorate glasses, cups and pitchers until a unique brand was created.

<transcy>EDITORIAL: SPRING DROP</transcy>


We are interested in promoting and preserving creation and crafts (wherever they are), with special emphasis on our country

<transcy>Editorial: Still nature by Pepe Lobez</transcy>

<transcy>ISITA MAGAZINE</transcy>

A place for articles about the art, culture, travels and books that inspire us; where you can also read stories about our encounters with clients and friends.