Living element:
Earth and time

María José de Prado Freyre (Mexico) and Mark Schneider (USA) are Earth and Time. They started in 2011 with a ceramics studio in Austin, Texas, where they met, to move to the Salesas neighborhood in Madrid a year ago.

From there, and with 100% renewable energy, they model and hand-paint their pieces, which they define as "unique, practical (they can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher), timeless, resistant and multifunctional. We like to think that our ceramics accompany everyday rituals", they say. They generally use plate, spiral or pinch techniques and are inspired by seeds, wild flowers, mountains or simple shapes such as cylinders. "Our eternal master is clay. Although it is apparently inert matter, it is alive and sometimes has a will of its own. It would seem that our creations are a collaboration between us and the clay. We believe that in the making, you experience a close relationship with the object created; that the hand that shaped the vessel, meets the hand that holds it now," they continue poetically.

For Isita they have created an exclusive collection of plates, glasses, trays, platters, jugs and fruit bowls in black, beige and blue, and with both glossy and matt finishes. In this work they have used earth and time: a porcelain stoneware with chamotte from Germany, a lot of patience and their own glazes formulated in their workshop using oxides, pigments and minerals such as cobalt, copper and iron oxide. Both brands share the value of handmade production, dedication and the same slow design spirit.