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<transcy>Large Mali pots</transcy>

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Ancient vases or containers originating from the city of Djenné, in Mali, Africa. Pieces made 100% with terracotta between the 12th and 16th centuries. The inner delta of the Niger River, the region formed by the triangle of the cities of Mopti, Ke Macina and Djenné, testifies to an amazing artistic wealth with cast brass and wrought iron objects, clay bowls and figures like this one.

These vessels, unique in their simplicity, come in various sizes and may have been used for offerings or simply used as household items. Each one comes with its base, since its base is not flat and they do not support themselves (this is because the floor of those houses was not uniform).




25 cm diameter x 35 cm high. With round base: 11 cm high x 22 cm diameter.

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