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Pair of spatter glass goblets

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Pair of triangular glasses for wine, Martini or ice cream. Artisanal blown glass with a colourful band around the middle. Made in Mallorca and each one is different and exclusive. The slight differences and irregularities in design and finish are part of the unique character and charm of the craftsmanship. No two pieces are alike. The set has one glass in each colour: blue, green, taupe, transparent, amethyst and turquoise. They are as colourful as they are expressive.

The art of glassblowing in the Balearic Islands dates back to the 2nd century BCE. It is done by inserting an iron tube (the canya) into a mass of molten glass. The artist then blows into the opposite end of the tube to inflate the glass like a balloon. To work with the “balloon”, the artist rotates the tube in both directions and shapes it using wet newsprint, moulds and different instruments, and even freehand. When the piece is finished, it is separated from the tube. The puntill is what remains of that connection, and you can see it at the base of each object.


Blown glass


17 cm height x 11,5 cm diameter

Instructions for use

It is dishwasher safe, but not at very high temperatures or it will lose its shine. We recommend hand-washing.