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<tc>Pack of Isita's candle and diffuser</tc>

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Earthenware medallion (1 cm thick x 7 cm diameter) made in England that emits the Isita fragrance. With a grosgrain ribbon in three colours (green, beige and brown). It is reusable, and the oil to refill it comes in a 50 ml glass bottle. With a hand-painted pump and lid, and a parchment label. It comes in a pouch made from scraps of the fabrics we work with at Isita.

Isita Formula:

Fresh and feminine, featuring rose and green notes, as well as some white flowers. In the words of its creator, Francisca Mancini: “It is inspired by the experience of being on the patio of Isabel's studio, with its fountain surrounded by rocks, flowers, green leaves, some trees... All of those aromas are present in the fragrance, but from within. Imagine you are in the office on the first floor with the windows open, on a spring or summer afternoon. Now the aromas, images and sensations from outside come rushing in: the stone, the water, the shadows, the fresh air, the flowers, the wood of the trees, the iron of the window frame... We wanted to capture the spirit of that patio and transport you there, to stop and touch the cold, rough stone, to notice how some flowers have fallen and others remain on the tree, to feel the water…”.


Medallón de loza, tela de grosgrain, frasco de vidrio.
Vidrio soplado de Alicante, cera vegetal y mecha 100% algodón


Difusor: Medallón: 7cm diametro x 1cm grosor
Difusor: 5,5 cm alto x 6 cm diametro
Vela: 280g, 9cm x 8,5 cm diametro

Instrucciones de uso

No poner en contacto el medallón con ropa blanca inmediatamente después de empapar/rociar, ni poner encima de cualquier superficie que pueda desteñir.
Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños.
No ingerir ni inhalar.
Está hecho para el ambiente, no para la piel.

Al encender la vela por primera vez, dejar arder durante 2 o 3 horas hasta que toda la cera de la superficie se haya derretido. Esto evitará que se hunda más adelante y se forme una oquedad alrededor de la mecha.
No mover la vela mientras esté encendida ni cuando la cera esté aún líquida.
Volver a centrar correctamente la mecha en la cera tras cada uso, para que esta se consuma de forma homogénea.
Cortar regularmente la mecha con un cortamechas para mantener un largo de 3-5 mm.