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Isita’s diffuser

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Fresh and feminine, it contains rose and green notes, and some white flowers too. It is a fragrance that recreates an urban garden, an orchard in the middle of the city, and wants to take us there: there is a fountain surrounded by stones, flowers, plants, some trees. Isita is floral and classic but with a nostalgic touch and, at the same time, clean. A composition where all those smells are present at the same time but from a domestic environment, as if they came through the window on a not very hot spring or summer afternoon. We recognize the cold and rough stone, the freshness of the water, the shadows, the flowers, the wood of the trees, the iron of the window.... Close your eyes and travel.

Earthenware medallion made in Spain that gives off the Isita aroma. With grosgrain ribbon in three colors (green, beige and brown). It is reusable. The refilling oil, manufactured in a laboratory in England, comes in a 50 mL glass bottle. With hand-painted pump and cap and vellum label. It comes in a bag made of scraps (using the remains of fabrics we work with at Isita).


Earthenware medallion, grosgrain fabric, glass jar.


Medallion: 7cm diameter x 1 cm thickness
Fragrance: 5,5 cm high x 6 cm diameter

Instructions for use

Do not put the medallion in contact with white clothing immediately after soaking/spraying, or place it on any surface that may cause color to fade.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not ingest or inhale.
It's made for the environment, not the skin.