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Biarritz candle 1,5kg

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Following Isita, the fragrance inspired by Isabel's studio in Madrid that embodies the intimacy and freshness of a manicured stone courtyard framed by black iron windows, Biarritz represents the spirit of Isabel's iconic cottage in Biarritz.

The fragrance captures the contrast between the gentle rolling hills of the landscape and the rustic yet soft materials chosen for the interior, which are reproduced in this powerful yet intimate fragrance. Warm, balsamic top notes of spices such as clove and cardamom give way to the softness of a garden rose resting beautifully on a bed of woods. Cedar, patchouli and sandalwood structure this beautiful fragrance that smells of polished and unpolished wood.

1.5kg vegetable wax candle with three 100% cotton wicks filled by hand. The glass tumbler is covered with a wicker basket and a striped cloth.


1. Leave to burn for 2 to 3 hours on first use, until all the wax on the surface has melted.

2. Regularly trim the wick to maintain a length of 3-5 mm.

3. After each use, centre the wick correctly so that it burns evenly.




20 cm diameter x 23 cm high

Instructions for use

1. Let burn for 2-3 hours on first use, until all surface wax has melted.
2. Regularly cut the wick to maintain a length of 3-5mm.

3. After each use, correctly center the wick so that it burns evenly.