ISITA is the decorative - and vital - project of Isabel Llanza and her mother, the interior designer Isabel López-Quesada. It arises as a natural and organic evolution of the IL-Q studio and a complement to their work.

A careful, special and almost magical approach to decorative pieces and objects. It represents the union of mother and daughter, two aesthetes, two Isas: the former's taste is still present but the latter refreshes it with her funky touch.

We want to show our way of life, of understanding spaces, of setting the table, of receiving at home, of collecting... and thus transmit a smell, a texture, a work of art, a meal in the countryside, a bouquet of flowers, a lit fireplace, a good read...

We are committed to mixing the old with the new. We design beautiful but discreet products, respectful, handmade and with the best materials, without haste and with sustainability as a fundamental value. Natural fibre fabrics, handmade vases and baskets, coloured blown glass, smooth and imperfect ceramics, warm blankets, turned candlesticks... It's a classic with a twist. We also select vintage decoration from all over the world with the intention of giving it a second life.

Here you will find furniture, textiles and objects that are unpretentious, functional, with authentic taste, to come back to again and again and designed to last a lifetime (we love the lived-in and we are sure our products will be with you for a long time). We believe that good and quality have their own rhythm: from the first drawings to the final touches, our dedication is total.

We understand the home as a refuge, to take care of and pay attention to by surrounding ourselves with these pieces that make us happy, and we hope that this is also the case for you.