We are interested in promoting and preserving creation and craftsmanship (wherever they are), with special emphasis on our country: Ezcaray, Gordiola, Levante, Ibiza, France, Morocco...

In this way, we want to be able to transmit to you the stories and know-how of each workshop, keeping them alive. We also work in partnership with contemporary artists whom we admire: designers, illustrators, ceramists, etc. We are inspired by art and crafts, the simple and the traditional, from vannerie to the aromatic world via floral art or from Brancusi to Vivian Suter.

We know the ateliers and suppliers we work with and the way they work, so that we can guarantee everything that is important to us. We do not compromise our values, we do not cut corners to reduce costs and we are transparent with our products.

We talk about proximity, sustainability, we are part of a conscious story, and this perspective is holistic, permeating the project at every stage. We enjoy and pay attention to all processes, from design to final shipment.

Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and consists of:

- Recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes.

- Recycled and recyclable corrugated board

- Recycled and recyclable kraft paper

- Recycled tissue paper

- Renewable and recyclable honeycomb paper

- Printed kraft tape

- 100% recycled paper shavings

- Biodegradable, 100% corn starch, biodegradable filler chips