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Dark blue cashmere blanket

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This soft cashmere blanket is made in India by women and hand-dyed with natural pigments. They take over three months to make. The fully artisanal production process is carried out in a small workshop in Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River. There, they have been working with this exclusive wool for five generations. The quality of the fibre, from the Ladakh region, is the best in the world with an average grade of 14 microns. The blankets come in six bright and timeless colours, all finished with a fringe border, a modern classic to embrace and be embraced with. 

First, all the thread is spun by hand, with two women taking an average of one month to spin the thread needed for one blanket. Then the thread is washed and treated to prepare it for the loom. It takes one week to draw the weft through the loom (for four blankets) and then the warp takes six more weeks. Once the blanket has been woven on the loom, it is washed and dyed if necessary. All the processes are done by hand.

*This workshop is approved by Sedex, meaning it complies with social standards and pays its workers fair wages and benefits.*


100% cashmere



Instructions for use

Wash cold and air dry, do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.