Atelier Alberto Giacometti

Early live

Alberto Giacometti grew up in Switzerland. He produced his first oil painting in 1915. He then move to Paris in 1922 to study, enrolling in the Académie de la Grande-Chaumière, where he attended classes given by the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.

His work

Giacometti’s portraits, lacking of all emotion and expression, are the vessel of what the audience contributes to them. He loved to portrait people around him, his wife Annette and his brother Diego. He portrayed them as he saw them leaving apart the classical perspectives stipulated, making them fragmented or deformed.

The studio

In the artistic ambience of Montparnasse neighbourhood gives place to the recreation of Giacometti's studio where he worked and live all his carrier. The space is full of the original furniture, handwritten letters, sculptures and some other artworks that had never seen the light. If you are around pop by to see his universe.